When you do something every day, naturally you get quicker and more proficient. Sometimes you spend so much time doing something, that you can do it without even thinking, like driving a car or walking home each day.

Using a CMS can be put into the exact same category, just like when you take a new job, you will initially go on a discovery to find the quickest ways to drive home. You might first experiment with different routes to find the nicest or quickest way. By the tenth time, you've almost certainly found your preferred route and from that point on your drive home is just about in autopilot mode. A CMS is really no different, though managing content can be time-consuming and using software can sometimes be as frustrating as an unexpected traffic jam, if it's not intuitive and nor easy to breeze around.

To this day, MOBLE has undergone two major User Interface (UI) revisions, as we've added new features or improved our methodologies. I'm quite sure that we'll never stop trying to improve, to make the MOBLE experience as best as it can possibly be for all who use it. One thing that has never changed is the application of keyboard shortcuts, to help you get around even quicker than you can with the point and click of your trackpad.

This reminds me back to an early conversation I had with MOBLE guru, Co Founder and Lead Developer, Danny Liang. This was at the time I first discovered that Danny had programmed in a set of shortcuts into MOBLE and he had been using them for some time to help himself get around. To this day, I'm sure our developers have many more shortcuts that I don't know about, but I thought I'd share the main ones here by unearthing that early conversation between Danny and I:


Hey Dan, we're putting on a training event. Don't suppose you've coded in any tricky shortcuts to MOBLE?


oh, one sec.



Well if you're a looking at any page on the *.moble.site domain, click ctrl + alt + a ("a" stands for admin) this will open the editor for that the page in the MOBLE CMS admin.

Alternatively, in Chrome: 

1. click Bookmarks -> Bookmark Manager
2. In the "Organise" section, add a page
3. Type the name "EDIT PAGE in MOBLE CMS"
4. Paste the javascript code below into the second field:

javascript:(function (window,$) {window.location = '/admin/page/edit' + (window.location.pathname == '/' ? '/index' : window.location.pathname).replace(/^\/(post\/)/, '/');})(window,jQuery);

Thanks for the detail. I'm sure everybody will thank you for the javascript!


For general stuff, the following shortcuts must be pressed in the exact order from left to right, e.g. "a p" means type a followed by pThese work anywhere on MOBLE:

a p - Add a new page
a f - Add a new file

g p - Go to Pages
g f - Go to Files
g l - Go to Layouts
g d - Go to Dashboard
g n - Go to Navigation
g t - Go to Tags
g w - Go to Widgets

g c - Go to Edit CSS
g j - Go to Edit Javascript

g s - Go to Styles

g m - Go to Forms
g e - Go to Enquiries

g u - Go to Users
g t - Go to Tags
g m - Go to Payments

b y e - Logout 


Thanks for the detail, I think I just learned something new.


Haha really, that's a first! Hey, you know about the page editor shortcuts right? The following shortcuts work when you are editing a page:

Save Page
command (mac)/ctrl (windows) + s

Save Page and Exit
command (mac)/ctrl (windows) + shift + s

View Page
alt + v

command (mac)/ctrl (windows) + z

command (Mac)/ctrl (Windows) + shift + z

alt + 1 - Content Editing Mode
alt + 2 - Row Editing Mode
alt + 3 - Block Editing Mode
alt + 4 - Advanced Editing Mode

alt + l - Show Layout


Learn something new this time?


Yeah wow, using them right now, awesome.

I hope you enjoyed the conversation and enjoy using these shortcuts too. Long may they enhance your editing skills as you start to find your way through MOBLE and make that transition from discovery to autopilot mode.