Series 2. Episode 3: Shut Your Font Face

In modern-day website design selecting a font can be one of the simplest things to do from a technical perspective. Though while be simple to do, it can also have a dramatic impact as to the look and feel of your overall website design. Therefore, it is well worth understanding the tools on offer, so that you can apply fonts that define your brand.

In the Main Menu, first, select 'Styles' and then select 'Fonts'.

You will see a list of the different Headings and Text Formats available to you. It is important to know that when you are later editing a Page, you will be able to click on a piece of text and click the 'Formats' drop down to choose from the text styles that you create here in the Styles area.

For every text option, you can first select the Type Face. MOBLE has selected the best Google fonts and listed these in nice categories to help you chose the Type Face that is right for you.

You can type into to the Font Preview to help you chose the right Type Face.

Once you have selected the Type Face, you can now customise the font. Here you can use the sliders to ensure the Font is exactly as you desire.

You can change the Font Size on Desktop and Mobile. Notice that you can also Preview the Font on each device using the Device buttons on the far right of the preview pane.

As you would expect you can also amend Line Height, Letter Spacing and Font Weight.

Over in the page editor, you will also be able to apply Bold, Italic assuming these are available in the font that you have selected.

It is also possible to speak to a Frontend developer to install your own custom font. For example, MOBLE use a Font called Sofia Pro which is not a free Google Font. If you require assistance installing a custom Font feel free to contact us via www.moble.com/lets-talk


Type Face and Page Load Speed

MOBLE recommend that you only use a maximum of three different font families in your website, this will ensure that your page loads quickly and no doubt make it easier on the eye.