You know that one thing

If you're watching this chances are you're a Digital Creative here in Sydney and you hear people saying that "Web Design is Dead", it's a dying profession where the CMS's of the future will have Artificial Intelligence to build websites themselves.

Well MOBLE is a company here in Sydney, that's building a CMS of the future. This talk of website design becoming obsolete can be frustrating, because as a Digital Creative you know it's not dead, and you know why, because you know that one thing.

And it's not because building a site can be too complicated for machines. Sure, we need everything to be measured and we need so many specialised disciplines. I mean it's not just graphics anymore, your design, it must accommodate many facets and satisfy them all. Nothing can be truer than to say "I design how it looks, we design how it works". We've got UX people, UI people, Content people, Optimisation and Marketing people, Project Managers, not to mention your clients. But that's not too complicated for machines, and yet website design is not dead, and as a Digital Creative, you know that one thing that makes it all come to life.

You know that one thing that is essential to make your design be creative and work across all of these interwoven disciplines.

The one thing that makes it work, makes money and makes it look beautiful all at the same time.

The one thing that aligns and binds all of your team members, your client, and their staff and most importantly their customers.

You know that one thing that lets you start with the beginning, to workshop and discover your villains, to visualise and create your heroes and engineer that unforgettable surprise along the way. Only then do you get to enjoy the happy ever after.

That's why you are who you are.

You know that one thing, one thing that a machine will never know...


Make your next story one to be remembered, one to be told again.

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