You focus on the design, we take care of the rest

You’re about to become a website pro on MOBLE. If you're a beginner, you’ll soon learn how to create wonderful things. If you're an advanced designer, you’ll rapidly slash your production time, leaving more time for creativity. You may even share your design work with the MOBLE community. 
In this series, we’ll guide you through every step. But please don’t feel like you should follow in order, episode by episode. We all have different skills, so feel free to paint your own canvas. Go ahead and play with hundreds of drag and drop dynamic layouts in MOBLE. Bring your brand to life with

In this series, we’ll guide you through every step. But please don’t feel like you should follow in order, episode by episode. We all have different skills, so feel free to paint your own canvas. Go ahead and play with hundreds of drag and drop dynamic layouts in MOBLE. Bring your brand to life with colours, fonts, headers and navigation options. 

Design, after all, never really stops. It can be an endless formation of micro-tweaks as you strive for pixel perfection. Here, you’ll become inspired by those around you, seeing what could works for you. 

In this episode, you’ll officially become a website designer. You’ll be enlightened further during the Pro Series, but don't wait until you get to the end to start! Your journey starts now, so go forth! Go and break something, learn how to fix it and, most of all: always remember to play.

You're officially a website designer!

Even if you’re not a professional website designer – and you’re truly awesome if you are – you’re now one to us. 

So congratulations, you're officially a website designer! If you haven't already joined MOBLE, now is a great time: We’re giving away a free 12-page website to our first 1,000 customers! Grab this offer before 31 December 2017.

What do you mean I’m a website designer?

Building a website from start to finish is rarely a job for one person alone. It pulls expertise from the entire spectrum of roles within an organisation. Without feedback and support, this can be a daunting experience.

 The success rate for lone wolves is invariably low. If you’re one, don’t worry. This series is here to support you and provide all the help you need.

In the past, a website design team might have been quite linear. A developer, graphic designer and perhaps a marketing person and business owner would all do their best to pull content together. This would often happen just a few days before launch, in a last-minute stressful push, with little appreciation for the intended audience.

Today, developing a website is a complex business. We consider a wealth of data and analytical tools, not to mention the psychology of human behaviour.

Why creating a good website is a team effort

Job roles are a merging spectrum, with team members working on multiple functions. If you look at a creative’s profile on LinkedIn profile, it might look something like this:

Website Designer/UX/UI/Frontend Developer/Inbounding Marketer/Project Manager/Co-Founder/CFO and Content Writer

Uhm. This is often no exaggeration. It’s a sign that the web design industry is rapidly evolving. Only five years ago, we didn't have consensus on designing for mobile, with developers using the two-site adaptive solution, rather than the emerging responsive design. Ten years ago the first iPhone was released, and only 15 years ago the dot.com bubble burst, setting the stage for the future of the web.

Things have evolved, and fast. We’ve been on an epic journey of constantly learning new things to keep abreast of this fast-growing industry. 

This is not the type of field where people learned their trades at school. That’s good news if you’re new to web design. It means you can do this too.

 A broad resumé is in many ways the sign of a great creative: someone who is prepared to learn with the times and to expand their knowledge with the ever-expanding disciplines of the digital world.


Where do I fit in?

Let's take a look at how web design skills typically grow across the web design job spectrum. Then, consider how this applies to you, what you’d like to learn while building your new website and what team members you’ll need to help make your site a success.

  • If you're a beginner you might want to build a site to see where your passions lie, or just build a new website for a friend, project or business. You'll soon be a website designer.
  • If you’re a graphic designer, you might want to know a touch of HTML and CSS. You'll be confident enough to call yourself a web designer, even though your main time is spent in Illustrator, Photoshop or Sketch.
  • As a web designer, you might be learning about human behaviour, auditing data, and analytics. You’ll feel confident enough to call yourself a UX/UI designer, even though your time is mainly spent making beautiful pages.
  • As a UI/UX designer, you’re across CSS and you’re almost certainly going to put front-end developer on your LinkedIn profile, even if you've not quite mastered the latest JS scripts.
  • And as a front-end developer, you've got a few posts on Github and you're generally killing it. You’re now talking with the back-end people who live under the building and are now confident in being known as full stack developer.
  • At the other side of the spectrum, there has never been more of an overlap between the content writer and graphic designer. MOBLE acknowledges that graphic designers often get the glory, though, with shrinking device sizes and shrinking attention spans, the art of copywriting has never been more important. It's essential that copywriters and designers share aspects of the same role.
  • With the maturity of inbound marketing, CRM and business intelligence software, the roles of sales and marketing are becoming less defined, with all team members being both broadly specialised and more accountable.
  • And as a business owner, you're already doing everything anyway. You may as well build your own new website, right?

It's likely you don’t have all of the skills above, even if you’re part of an agency. Don’t worry. We have your back. We’re here to provide you with the necessary support across all disciplines of web design. As member of MOBLE, you’ll grow your skills as you grow your website.

What if I don't have all the skills I need?

"I design. We make it work", is the motto of designers today. We don't expect one person to have the entire breadth of skills required to design and build a website and that is why having a platform to call upon the skills that you need as and when you require them, is absolutely essential.

MOBLE is not just an online community. We have set about building a support system that ensures you're in safe hands whatever your skills, or whatever your budget.

Tutorials Series such as this, sit alongside the ample Help and support inside your MOBLE website, and what's more, you can even drop by our Studio at our regular events and build your website alongside MOBLE and like-minded peers.

Yes, we're excited to invite you to our Design Studio every Thursday night for tutorials, workshops and creative networking events. You might even put together you own web design team this way, or fill those expertise gaps that you have in your team. 

Through this series, we’ll also encourage you to spruce up your LinkedIn page with your new found web design skills so you can take on valuable new opportunities.

So, what should I do when I need help?

  1. MOBLE can be a part of your specialist team, you can call upon our support, like this Series and our help documentation at any time.
  2. For more customised requirements you can even contact MOBLE via moble.com/lets-talk to help you with custom development or design work as and when you need it.
  3. Perhaps most importantly of all, MOBLE hosts community events and design workshops, where you can come in to meet MOBLE and design your website with us alongside like-minded peers. Here you will have the opportunity to get all the help you need for MOBLE, plus meet and work with creative people who are building their website at the same time as you.
    See the current events at the bottom of this page. 

Remember, if you’re one of the first 1,000 customers to join, you’ll become a Founding Member of MOBLE. As a Founding Member, you’ll receive a free a 2-page website for life that can be used for a one-page website, a landing page or to try MOBLE before you buy. What's more, you'll have the opportunity to have a full 24-page website for only $9 per month!

The offer expires 31 December 2017. If you'd like to find out more, why not join us for our next events at our design studio in Pyrmont.

THURSDAY 9th NOV 5:45 to 8:00 pm

How to Design Custom Websites without themes and without code.

Themes, love them or hate them, they have become an essential part of low-cost website design. Though, what if you could build a custom website without themes? What if you could design in the Editor with or without code? Well, now with MOBLE you can. In this session, we show you why you'll never have to draw a Wireframe or write HTML again for your custom websites, and most of all, why you'll never need to be restricted by a theme again. Whether you're a beginner, advanced designer, developer or simply a business looking to build a new website, this session introduces MOBLE, a valuable new piece of web design software that you simply must have in your toolkit.

The session is led by Co-Founder, Paul Davenport.
All attendees receive a custom website for only $9 per month.

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THURSDAY 16th NOV 5:15 to 8:15 pm

Surely nobody can create a custom website from scratch within 3 hours!

Join MOBLE Co-Founders Paul Davenport and Danny Liang as they build a custom website for a client from scratch, right before your very eyes. The session will be explanatory and you will be able to ask questions along the way while following steps to build your own website. One lucky business from the audience will be asked to join our experts on the floor to build their own website in tandem with us, as MOBLE design a brand new website for a very special client.

The session is led by Co-Founders, Paul Davenport & Danny Liang
All attendees receive a custom website for only $9 per month.

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THURSDAY 23rd NOV 5:45 to 8:00 pm

**AGENCY SPECIAL** Smash your website design production times and be more profitable

An exclusive event for Australian Agencies. MOBLE will share insanely productive tips to make your agency more profitable. Co-Founders Paul Davenport and Danny Liang will dive under the hood of MOBLE to reveal tips, tricks, and trade secrets that will simply smash your website production times.

If your agency has anything to do with websites whatsoever, you must check this out. The session will be slightly more advanced and will touch on CSS and JS, plus show you why MOBLE is a CMS like no other. You have to see it to believe it, feel free to field preliminary questions at team@moble.com.au

The session is led by Co-Founders, Paul Davenport & Danny Liang
All attendees receive a custom website for only $9 per month.

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THURSDAY 30th NOV 5:45 to 8:00 pm

Lighting quick CSS for both Beginners & Advanced Frontend Developers

A special session dedicated to Frontend developers at all levels, ran in person by MOBLE's Dr Danny Liang. Here you meet the maker and learn how Danny hand coded MOBLE from scratch, why MOBLE was purpose-built for Frontend developers and exactly which projects MOBLE is suitable for. This is a complete look under the hood, where you are guaranteed to walk about with new skills, and with a new philosophy of how you approach coding. Danny is on the lookout for new developers to become MOBLE brand evangelists and lead the contributions to MOBLE's forthcoming app store. If you're looking for something to really sink your teeth into and meet amazing new people while you're at it, this evening with Danny is surely not to be missed.

The session is led by Co-Founder Danny Liang. 
All attendees receive a custom website for only $9 per month and will be first in best dressed to MOBLE's forthcoming app store.

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MOBLE Studio: 202, 56 Bowman Street, Pyrmont NSW 2009

A team spectrum diagram thing

For those who are interested, here is a job role spectrum that we designed while writing this article. All roles here are involved in designing a website. We are all website designers. What skills do you have, where do you feel you might need some extra help? Are you ready to start putting your web design team together?

Web Design Team Spectrum

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