Why the MOBLE Philosophy helps all types of businesses grow

In this episode "Our 5 Steps to Growth", we are going to share with you MOBLE's philosophy for growth. For people in the know, this has been inspired by the Silicon Valley led 'AARRR' marketing principals. However, after 15 years in business, we felt these techniques often focussed too heavily on subscription models for Apps, and for businesses with large budgets fueled by heavy investment.

Well, that certainly isn't all of us, what about your business, the SME's and the mid market?

The AARRR principles are excellent, but don't always scale down to suit regular businesses, nor do they consider the proven sales practices that have been with us for years, long before the internet.

M.O.B.L.E. Our 5 Steps for growth

Great design has a purpose. It understands a problem and solves it in the most beautiful way.

Your website is no different. It needs to solve your immediate and long-term problems, whether it's winning new customers, larger sales or better branding.

When you understand the problems that inhibit your growth, you can design something to solve them. Your website is a critical tool to assist your growth. Our philosophy also works for your our client website designs and marketing strategies.

Our philosophy is key to everything we do. It’s right there in our name:


We like to build inbound marketing funnels for each stage of M.O.B.L.E. This way we can feed high-value leads and key tasks to your sales, customer service, and retention teams.


MOBLE's Funnel for our Content Management System


Database Growth - Get an email address and sign up new customers to your customer database

KEY STRATEGYLead Magnets: Free Info, Free Stuff, Get the Price, Get the Answer, One Small Service

KEY METRICSCost per acquisition / per platform / per persona.

Your website pages should always consider signing new people up, after all, talking to a customer database is an extremely low-cost method of reaching your customers either by email, SMS or desktop notifications.

If you ever decide to sell your business, or raise investment, your customer database size is often paramount to acquisition or funding value.

To grow your database you must:

  1. Motivate people to come to your website
  2. Motivate people to give up their email address

Cost per clicks are less profitable and more competitive than ever, thanks to the ever-increasing price of media.

Marketers must now look broadly at ways to advertise across a plethora of platforms. Irrespective of the platform, one thing is certain: If you can acquire an email address from targeted customers, you can continue to talk to them without having to pay for it in ads. That’s why it’s essential to build a targeted database of potential customers, then automate relevant communications to them.

Lead Magnets

Your website is one of the main places where new customers sign up. You must first motivate people to visit your website, then let your website take over this job, motivating visitors to give up their email address in exchange for something valuable.

To do this, we like to use lead magnets: Something of value given away in exchange for an email address.

Common lead magnets are:

  • Free Info
    Such as this Pro Series
  • Free Stuff
    Like a free trial or free event tickets
  • Eye Balls and Handshakes
    Networking events, trade shows
  • Get the Price
    If you don't disclose your pricing you can reveal pricing on form submission, or a free consultation
  • Get the Answer
    Question that reveals the answer, such as a poll or reveal on form submission
  • One Small Service
    If you can do one thing a low value and prove your worth, they are more likely to use you for your core product. This is effectively an onboard strategy also, so let's segway to the next point.

What Lead Magnets could you use for your website? Can you think of any not listed above?

When designing your website pages, think about key areas to place your calls to action. This might include a promo bar below the header, a form or button at the top of the page, or even a pop-up message via your marketing automation tool. This is one of the problems that you must solve in your design, so keep your page objectives in mind all the time. 

Please note. Episode 4 how to execute website workshops like a pro, will get you thinking about exactly what you want to achieve on every page.

Did MOBLE use a Lead Magnet to sign you up?

Quite likely it was either the free course, the free coding tuition, of may the free landing page offer. We want to prove to customers that they can use MOBLE and love the software before they pay. So we’re giving the first 1,000 subscribers their first two pages for free.

If the customer’ business grows or they love the software, they’ll realise the value of MOBLE and start paying. It's fair for both the customer and for MOBLE: we essentially prove our value before asking for payment.



The Proof SaleGet your customers credit card details with a small sale to prove your service is of value

KEY STRATEGY: Trip Wire Sales: Promise/Prove/Deliver. Website A/B Testing, CRO

KEY METRICS: Cost Per Lead / Per Platform / Per Persona

Once you've got an email address and the customer signed up, it's important to have a platform through which you can communicate with them.

Traditional email marketing systems are quickly being replaced by inbound marketing, also known as marketing automation platforms. MOBLE is integrated with the very best inbound marketing software. We’ll cover each inbound marketing solution as part of this Pro Series to help you decide the right platform for your budget and database size.

Traditional email marketing systems tend to send emails to your subscriber base. Inbound marketing platforms take this a step further by learning about your customer behaviour and sending very specific messages based on actions they’ve taken, both in your emails and on your website.

Based on what the customers have done before, you can determine exactly what content to next present them with.

The Proof Sale

We use inbound marketing software to design your marketing automation funnel alongside your website.

Once we’ve motivated people to sign up, we must now try to get them on board. We often use these funnels to offer a small, low-priced solution and use MOBLE Forms to take the payment and securely store the customer's credit card tokens for the next sale. We call these low-price services a ‘proof of sale’.

The aim is to build trust, confidence and demonstrate your credibility to a new customer that would otherwise have no reason to buy from you. Once you’ve created this rapport, your next sale can be your core product. You will now have less friction and convert at a much higher rate. The hardest sale to make is always the first: You’re unknown, unproven and have to compete.

Secondary sales are much easier: You now have trust and credibility, and can build on this easily.

Examples of popular Proof Sales are:

  • An audit
  • A report
  • A small design
  • A small sample
  • A small part of the larger service

DId you know? MOBLE Form Builder was made for Lead Magnets

MOBLE Websites come complete with a Form Build that can take one-time payments and subscription sales. We think proof sales are so important, every website should have the luxury to switch to online payments and start onboarding new customers.

The Trip Wire Campaign

Combining lead magnets and proof sales? That’s called a tripwire campaign: an irresistible offer with no risk.

The aim is to:

  1. Onboard new customers
  2. Reduce the cost of marketing spend

It’s cheaper to win new customers by giving things away, than it is to spend money on expensive advertising campaigns to convince them.

Lead magnets and proof sales work brilliantly together in a tripwire campaign. MOBLE likes to have an ideation session with our customers to develop as many trip wires, lead magnets and proof sales as we can think of.

Shortly, we'll show you where on MOBLE you can go to log your ideas for lead magnets and proof sales, rank them in order of execution, and record their success.

Essentially, we like to test everything, on every platform, then learn what works for which type of customer. We never stop improving!

Did MOBLE use a Trip Wire Campaign to sign you up and take your payment?

If so, you've used MOBLE as a free website, added many pages and are happy to pay a monthly subscription.

We want to prove to you the value of our service and then ask you to pay a small monthly fee to use more features and pages.


Here is the process so far:

  1. Lead Magnet - something you give away to get an email address and grow your database.
  2. Proof Sale - something you sell to you database at a low value to prove your service, reduce friction and build rapport.
  3. Trip Wire Campaign - an irresistible offer combining the Lead Magnet and Proof Sale, which finally leads to the core product sale.
  4. Core Product Sale - another nice segue into the next section, 'Build'.


Now write down as many lead magnets and proof sales as you can. Think about how these can be placed in sequential order in a tripwire campaign. Next, we'll show you how you can record these ideas in MOBLE CMS, start to plan the roll-out to recording the success of each idea through your MOBLE website.

Core Produce Sale - Offer your core product at the full price and then deliver

KEY STRATEGY: Lead Scoring: Upsell, Cross Sell, Forecasting

KEY METRICCost per Sale / Per Category / Per Persona

When most business owners build a website, they consider what key product and services they’d like to show on their website. They start by listing their core products and services and don’t even consider the first two phases: motivate and onboard.

Similarly, in online marketing, when people are creating ads, they start with the core product. Trying to sell a higher-priced product from the outset might appear to have a higher ROI, but this is often not the case. Removing friction by motivating and onboarding people at low cost can often lead to higher ROI, especially in highly competitive markets. It's a bit like asking for marriage before a first date: You’ll have a lower conversion rate.

Similarly, when you design website pages, it’s essential to list your core products. This is often what people are searching for and what you rank for. So in designing website pages, we need to consider techniques to motivate an onboard people on core product pages. This might be toploading the page copy with an incentive, clever use of signup forms, prominent, sticky call to action and phone number in the header.

The 50 tips and tricks provided in this article gives you many techniques to think about while designing your web page. We’ll also cover many of these techniques and more in the coming episodes.

Now, let's look at how the tripwire method compares to a direct core product sell for a company selling gym subscriptions:


  • $50 per month Subscription
  • 5 months average Customer Lifetime Value (CLV)
  • $250 average per sale per Customer


  • $3 Av Google Adwords Cost Per Click
  • $600 monthly Click Budget
  • 200 Clicks in total
  • 1% Conversion Rate
  • 2 Sales for $600 per month


  • - $100 investment loss
  • - 16.76% ROI

In this scenario, Google AdWords as a platform would run a loss and might not be the best option as a marketing platform to sell your core product, at least until you’ve improved certain key metrics. If advertising is running a loss, you need think of other approaches. You can either:

  1. Reduce your advertising spend with other techniques and platforms
  2. Improve the conversion rate on your website
  3. Improve the average Customer Lifetime Value.
    (I.e. improve Loyalty and Retention, that's the next step)


If you thought about selling the gym subscriptions online with the MOBLE philosophy, you perhaps could focus on the motivate and onboard by offering a free week gym pass. That means you wouldn’t jump straight into the core sale, but prove to your users that your class was worth it, for free. You thus remove the barrier to entry and encourage active participation.

  • built rapport and trust with you
  • made new friends
  • seen the motivational value in training as a team
  • experienced your expertise and amazing service
  • felt good about the benefits of the product


Rather than Google AdWords, you might consider alternative marketing platforms more in line with giving free things away. These might include Facebook, with its lower cost per click. But even if you still used Google Adwords, your conversion rates might go up because you’re motivating people with a free week pass, with no risk.

If you knew that 25% of all people taking the pass would sign up, what would this do to the metrics?


  • $50 per month Subscription
  • 5 months average Customer Lifetime Value (CLV)
  • $250 average per sale per Customer


  • $3 Av Google Adwords Cost Per Click
  • $600 monthly Click Budget
  • 200 Clicks in total
  • 9% Conversion Rate
  • 18 free passes
  • 25% Conversion Rate
  • 4.5 Sales for $600 per month


  • $525 investment gain
  • $87.5% ROI


You can see that by thinking about the motivation and onboard steps rather than going straight into core product sale, you’ve created the opportunity to gain more leads for the same spend.

Previously, people weren’t interested in buying for whatever reason, but you’ve removed barriers and motivated them to at least try your service, by giving them a free sample. Even if people didn't sign up you, can then continue to speak to these leads in the future via email promotions, at no ongoing cost. So there is always the chance to onboard them later and not have to pay again for this person in an ad, thus further reducing ad spend and further increasing ROI.

There are many variables and many techniques and practices to build to the core product sale. In this article, we just scratch the surface using an entry level example to explain the process. It is important for a website designer to understand these marketing principles for design.

For more information from MOBLE, you can review MOBLE's Strategy solution. This is where we come into your business and run a dedicated session, providing you with a full strategy report across your entire business. In coming episodes, we’ll release a step-by-step guide to running your own strategy sessions.e will also release a step by step guide as to how to run your own Strategy sessions.

The key take away

Building a customer database is a key principle for website design and should not be underestimated. It can save you money in ongoing advertising and plays a key part of improving the metrics that matter. Your job as a designer is to understand these powers at play ‒ you can make a key difference in conversion optimisation.

To reference Alec Baldwin in the 1992 film Glengarry Glen Ross, when designing your pages: ABC: Always be closing. Create a design that considers your objectives and delivers it in the best way possible. Don't go home with the steaks knives.

In this Pro Series, you’ll learn effective tips and tricks to turn you from a website designer into an out-and-out website pro. We’re only just scratching the surface here, so stick with us!

Can't wait to do the entire Pro Series? We understand. We can design a website and marketing strategy for you or even refer you to one of our partners.



Renewal - Review of your retention rates, pricing, and products

KEY STRATEGY: Content Marketing, Loyalty Programs, Line Extensions, Continuity Programs

KEY METRICS: Retention rate, Support Requests, Product Scores

Now your customers are provided with value and are paying, how long will they remain engaged? What strategies can we put in place to ensure your customers remain your customers?

Regardless of your business position, it’s more cost effective to retain an existing customer than to buy a new one.

At MOBLE, we set up product scoring for our customers so we can determine how proficient they are at using the MOBLE software. We know when customers might need a little more help, or what kind of information they might require. We use inbound marketing solutions to help communicate these messages along with pages on MOBLE CMS.

By understanding the key metrics, we can forecast retention and highlight the customers most likely to cancel. We can proactively encourage them to receive more value for of our services, both throughout the year and in the lead-up to their renewal.

A great website page retains customers by providing the right information in the right way. We'll talk much more about customer loyalty and retention throughout the series.


Go Viral - The rate of growth via referrals

KEY STRATEGY: Competitions, Content Marketing, Loyalty Programs, Continuity Programs, Sequential Trip Wires, Influencer Marketing

KEY METRICS: K Factor, Growth Efficiency

Expose is one of the most rewarding things your business ever does and is a factor in achieving the tipping point for your brand. This is the holy grail.

Once you have a solid understanding of the first four principals you on M.O.B.L.E. you are ready to Expose. But it's important not to jump ahead and try to use expose strategies before you have a fully-tested, well-oiled ship by continued execution and interaction of our first four steps.

Expose or be Exposed

At MOBLE we like to say Expose or be Exposed.

This means if you haven’t perfected conversion rates in the motivate, onboard and build funnels, or if you haven’t worked out how to maximise your retention rate in the loyalty phase, then any work you could do in attempting to 'go viral' could be detrimental. Wasted efforts, wasted time and wasted resources!

Whether you’re growing your customer base or taking online payments, growth is compounded when your loyal customers share your organisation with their peers. Warm referrals are perhaps the most valuable of all and need to be managed expertly. They’re an essential factor to cost-effective, rapid and sustainable growth.

We score your customers across a range of metrics to identify those customers that are brand evangelists and who are more likely to be high-value influencers. We can email and SMS you as soon as customers reach this level, so that you can be sure to personally engage them and build out more personalised incentives for a referral.

We aim to guide you towards designing for all phases along the MOBLE funnel. We’ll break down each of the stages in the coming series and show you how these are used to build beautiful website pages, built for a real purpose, to convert new customers and to make people happy.